Centre for Foreign Languages ASAP

Centre for Foreign Languages ASAP has been offering its services since April 1992 in accordance with license АА № 247756 issued by the Administration of Education.

The name of the centre ASAP stands for “as soon as possible”. The centre employees do their best to comply with the phrase and offer fast and high-quality service.

Centre for Foreign Languages was founded in May, 1992 by Canadian Centre of Learning Foreign Languages at SaskatchewanUniversity within the project funded by the national sources for helping developing countries. The goal of the project was opening an independent centre for learning foreign languages which was to be supported by grant at first and become self-sufficient within two years. The goal was achieved in 1995 when the Centre became independent and self-sufficient. The Centre developed and improved, namely in addition to English, it started teaching German and French, and besides grownup students, it has welcomed children as well. Since September, 2000 the Centre has had English groups for children aged from 3 to 16. Teenagers who study at the Centre and have intermediate proficiency level of the English language enjoy the opportunity to take summer courses at a language college in Great Britain and combine studies with holidays. Recently, in April, 2010, the Centre opened its Vinnytsya office.


Викладачі центру

The centre teachers are highly-qualified young professionals with working experience both in Ukraine and abroad.

The centre offers:

  • Studying foreign languages both in groups and with a personal tutor:
  • Training for language tests: TOEFL, IELTS, DAF, DHS, DELF, DALF, TEF.
  • Training for embassy interviews.
  • Language school for children aged 3 to 16: English, German and French.
  • Program for group pre-school training.
  • Groups for kids general development (starting from the age of 3)
  • Group and individual classes with a psychologist
  • Individual classes with a speech therapist
  • Written and oral translations from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Ukrainian and Russian into Ukrainian and Russian and otherwise.
  • Special courses for business people, bankers and doctors.


At the end of a course students are given an certificate on condition of passing their final test.



We are located downtown at:
7-Б L.Ukrayinky Street,58000
Chernivtsi, Ukraine
tel/fax:+38 0372 585 226
tel.:+38 0372 584 435
mob.:+38 050 680 49 66
mob.:+38 066 738 81 89

mob: +38 067 680 49 69


Vinnytsya Office of the Centre for Foreign Languages “ASAP”


Before signing up for a course clients go through written and oral testing in order to determine their language proficiency level provided they have already studied the language. The testing is free of charge and there is also a possibility to attend a trial class.character are used at classes.


Group classes for adults take place on weekdays two or three times per week or every day except weekends. Modern textbooks, additional grammar and communicative materials, audio and video tapes both of educational and casual.

Class times:
10.00-13.00 in the morning
15.00-18.00 in the afternoon
and 18.00-21.00 in the evening.

Language school for children

Language school for children at the Centre for Foreign Languages ASAP is a unique way to study a foreign language for children of various ages (starting with the 3-year-olds).
   Different teaching methods make learning English, German and French in peer groups interesting and original.
   Little children have their classes playing on the carpet in specially designed classrooms;
 Дитяча школа Elementary, secondary and high school pupils study in other classrooms in compliance with the syllabuses developed by the ASAP Centre.
 Дитяча школа Studying a foreign language turns into a favorite activity, a hobby and a rest from school ordinariness, so children study at the Centre throughout all their school life.


Studying a foreign language turns into a favorite activity, a hobby and a rest from school ordinariness, so children study at the Centre throughout all their school life.