Foreign language for preschoolers (aged 3 to 6) in 2 levels

 Individual approach to every childChildren's Holiday, Park named after T.H.ShevchenkoDuring THE FIRST YEAR of studies group classes take place twice a week on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or weekdays and last one hour (2 classes each 30 minutes long). Classes are designed as play which allows children to communicate in a foreign language using acting and singing elements. Video and audio tapes, textbooks, coloring books for children, pictures and toys are being used at classes. A teacher’s assistant helps every child in overcoming personal difficulties which can appear during a class.
If you decide to bring your 3-4-year-old child to the Language School for Children at ASAP Centre, you will be surprised to see that the child will learn oral communication skills and foreign language perception skills (listening skills) in a year. At home and presentation classes for parents little children will be happy to tell how they get to know one another, what foods they like, what toys they possess, what musical instruments they wish to play what colors their school objects are, count animals, name furniture, share their vacation impressions and describe their families. They will also take pleasure in discussing characters’ adventures after watching a cartoon. And all this in foreign language!!!
THE SECOND YEAR of studies for preschoolers aims at teaching children not only speaking and listening but elements of reading and writing as well. Class duration increases up to an hour and a half (2 classes each 45 minutes long).
During classes children communicate in a foreign language on everyday topics, make mini dialogs and tell stories, play letter and word memory games. They learn to write letter and words, read according to rules, prepare and hold celebrations of holidays typical for countries language of which they learn. Teachers also arrange various quizzes.
Children continue their THIRD YEAR of studies at the Centre alongside with starting elementary school because this is the place where they can be in foreign language environment, communicate with their friends and learn grammar and vocabulary. The course covers 300 lexical units, grammar structures of the present tense, ability to make logical stories (3-4 sentences) and mini dialogs with general and special questions, short and detailed answers. A number of vocabulary topics increases up to twenty, those including My Day, Jobs, Animals, Shopping, Weather, Activities, Games etc.
Kind atmosphere at the Language School for Children and appreciation of achievements encourages young learners to further success in their studies.