Foreign language for elementary school children (aged 6 to 9)

 6-7-year-old BEGINNERS work in groups twice a week an hour and a half (2 classes each 45 minutes long). Studying includes learning letters, words, phrases, elements of reading and writing.
Group classes encourage active communication in a foreign language and development of individual abilities. Taking into consideration verbal and logical thinking development of young elementary school children, teachers teach them to make meaningful stories (2-3 sentences) on covered topics: My Family, My School, My Room, My Pets, My Favorite Foods, My Games. Presenting these and other topics includes singing songs, playing motor activity and computer games, watching movies and arranging performances for parents. The teaching system allows talented and gifted children to accelerate process of foreign language learning since there is a possibility of individual transfer to groups of higher level. At the end of the first level children are awarded with special diplomas and prizes.
In groups for 8-9-year-old BEGINNERS methods for accelerated foreign language reading and writing skills acquisition are used. Creative teachers of our centre make learning process interesting and exciting while using songs, quizzes, computer language learning programs, video and audio tapes. After a year of studies children are able to read short texts and reproduce in writing up to 3 heard phrases. Their vocabulary contains 200-250 words on everyday topics. Children can tell about themselves, their birthday, their home, their day, school and leisure, describe a favorite toy or pet. At the end of the first level students arrange a performance on the mentioned topics.
SECOND and THIRD YEARS of study for 8-9-year-old learners at the Language School for Children aims at increasing their vocabulary that reaches up to 500 words of active use. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are improved.
Presentation classes, holidays and contests make studying bright and unforgettable for the children.