Language School for Children   

methodologist Anzhelika DziubkoYou can start learning foreign languages at any age. Child’s consciousness free from thinking stereotypes perceives information easily and naturally and memorizes it.
Language school for children at the Centre for Foreign Languages ASAP is a unique way to study a foreign language for children of various ages (starting with the 3-year-olds). Little children have their classes playing on the carpet in specially designed classrooms; elementary, secondary and high school pupils study in other classrooms in compliance with the syllabuses developed by the ASAP Centre.
    Different teaching methods make learning English, German and French in peer groups interesting and original what attracts children and is a source of pleasure and inspiration.
A trial class helps determine language proficiency level and invite children to work in groups adequate for their needs in both age and knowledge.
Studying a foreign language turns into a favorite activity, a hobby and a rest from school ordinariness, so children study at the Centre throughout all their school life. Having gotten secondary education and taking university entrance exams, they speak a foreign language fluently which opens up bright prospects. Interest of parents and children in learning languages is increasing since it becomes essential for achieving success in the modern world of politics, business and professionalism.
At present the Centre is developing a syllabus of Italian for children and planning on introducing several more languages.
It is easy to study at the Language School for Children at ASAP!!!

Foreign language for preschoolers (aged 3 to 6) in 2 levels

Foreign language for elementary school children (aged 6 to 9)

Foreign language for secondary and high school pupils.