German is available in five language proficiency levels and a course of Business German in two levels.
German language group, instructor Oleksandra SkokovaGerman language instructors and translatorsLevel 1   is a 60-hour course of German for beginner students. It covers everyday use vocabulary (about 600 words) within the following range of topics: family, home, food, doctor’s appointment etc.. Various grammar and vocabulary exercises enhance consolidation of the learnt material, audio and video tapes contribute to language learning skills formation.
Level 2   is a 60-hour course of German (with over 800 vocabulary units) for elementary students. The course is designed to continue covering everyday use vocabulary, i.e. greetings, correspondence, traveling, getting around. Grammar is presented in clear and popular format. New vocabulary units are learnt through a variety of communicative exercises. Special attention is paid to developing listening and speaking skills.

German language group, instructor Oleksandra SkokovaLevel 3   is a 60-hour course for intermediate students aimed at enhancing communication skills and promoting correct communication in German. Listening exercises include fiction excerpts, announcements, and discussions. Various vocabulary and grammar exercises contribute to consolidation of the learnt material. The course covers over 1 000 vocabulary units which are learnt and memorized through dialogs. The course is taught mostly through discussions, real-life video tapes are offered to discuss and analyze selected topics. Students cover new everyday life topics such as clothes and fashion, adverts and society.
Level 4   is a 90-hour course for high intermediate students. It focuses on detailed grammar learning and listening to authentic German fiction tapes. The course covers over 1,500 vocabulary units.
German language group, instructor Svitlana MykolyukLevel 5   is a 90-hour course for advanced students which aims at mastering modern German language. The course contains grammar exercises which contribute to consolidation of the learnt material. Listening to authentic commercials, dialogs and short stories and watching modern movies and cartoons help improve communication skills. The course covers over 2,000 vocabulary units.
Business German   is a course presented in two levels (intermediate and advanced) for business people who already possess basic knowledge of German and intend to master business vocabulary. The course offers a selection of economic and business texts from renowned German newspapers and journals, telephone conversations and negotiations vocabulary.  Listening exercises include authentic interviews, telephone conversations, discussions. The course is focused on using German in both business and social situations. Selected business vocabulary covers about 1500 units.