Beginner's level group, instructor Oleh DemirovLEVEL 1   is a 60-hour course of English for and those who need thorough revision of fundamental structures and vocabulary. It covers basic topics of everyday life and essential grammar issues. At the end of the course students will be able to communicate in English using the present tense, tell about themselves, their families and friends, describe appearance, character, weather and locations, know names of everyday objects, foods and clothing items. Vocabulary contains about 500 units.

LEVEL 2   is a 90-hour course of English for who need to develop , that is reading, writing, listening and speaking. Special attention is paid to presenting everyday use vocabulary within the following topics: school, home, foods, clothes etc. Vocabulary on activities, social statuses, jobs and schedules is also covered. Students learn popular phrases used in everyday communication. Various grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening exercises are offered for practicing and consolidating the learnt material. At the end of the course students are able to communicate using not only the present but past and future tenses as well. Vocabulary covered during the course contains over 1,000 units.

Intermediate level group, instructor Ivanna ProdanyukLEVEL 3 is a 90-hour course of English for low intermediate students aimed at developing purposeful language use skills. Special attention is paid to listening and speaking. The course offers a lot of interesting discussions based on real-life material that promote lively conversations on presented topics. Students start to read fiction in English. At the end of the course students possess adequate knowledge to keep up conversations, ask questions and give complete and detailed answers on topics covered at the previous levels. On top of consolidating everyday use vocabulary, students learn how to act at an interview, hold a telephone conversation etc. Vocabulary covered during the course contains over 1,500 units.

LEVEL 4   is a 90-hour course of English for intermediate students aimed at improving knowledge acquired at the third level for correct and fluent communication. Such topics as traveling, childhood memories, personality are presented in an original way with use of interesting real-life information. During the course students acquire negotiations skills, participate in discussions on modern technology and environment, get to know cultures and traditions of many countries. Students learn how to make suggestions and demands, lodge complaints and stand their ground in English. Special attention is paid to grammar which is presented in clear and popular format. Listening and reading materials offer original views on universal topics. Students are given numerous opportunities to practice new language material through a variety of communicative exercises many of which are personalized. Vocabulary covered during the course contains over 2,000 units.

High-Intermediate level group, instructor Olha Buina-DorofteyLEVEL 5   is a 90-hour course of English for high intermediate students. The course offers various tasks for developing and consolidating skills of efficient communication in English. Skills of detailed language perception are also developed. Listening exercises include authentic short stories, commercials, discussions and interviews. Most attention is paid to communicative aspect. Studying at this level requires from students perfect knowledge of grammar maintained alongside with acquiring new vocabulary through constant communication in a group and analyzing of movies and fiction. Students read English fiction in original, as well as authentic modern newspapers and magazines. Listening and information perception skills are improved. Vocabulary covered during the course contains 2,500 units.

LEVEL 6   is a 90-hour course of British English for upper intermediate students aimed at maintaining high level of language proficiency and teaching students modern live English used nowadays by real people in real English-speaking environment. Students also read authentic English fiction and thoroughly study English grammar.

LEVEL 7   is a 90-hourse course of British English for advanced students. The course covers various aspects of personal and social life of modern English-speaking community. The course contains dynamic tasks and exercises for improving language proficiency level, easy and systematic learning and consolidating complicated English grammar structures, as well as excerpts from unabridged prose and poetic works, authentic audio materials and self-test tasks. Special attention is paid to stimulating students’ creative activity, developing sense of real English humor and intensive vocabulary enrichment.

Speialized group of the Chernivtsi Airport airtraffic controllers, instructor Inna HryhorovychBUSINESS ENGLISH   is a course of Business English in four levels (elementary, pre- intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate levels) for business people and students majoring in Economics. The course was developed in collaboration with Financial Times newspaper. Students read authentic business articles from books and newspapers. The course is aimed at developing basic skills of business communication, such as holding presentations, attending meetings, participating in negotiations, having business telephone conversations, as well as ability to use English in various business and social situations.