ROMAN LANGUAGESRoman languages instructors and translators

Roman languages are presented at the Centre for Foreign Languages ASAP by: 

  • Italian
  • Spanish  
  • French

We offer to study Italian, Spanish and French in four levels.

You can start your studies with any level depending on the knowledge you possess. You can sign up for the first basic level without any testing. If you have studied one of the mentioned languages before, you are offered testing in order to determine your language proficiency level. You can study both with a personal tutor and in a group.

Teaching Italian is based on the modern methods developed by Perugia University, Department of Italian for Foreigners, with use of textbooks compiled by the University and audio and video tapes.

Spanish is taught based on Servantes University methods.

French is taught according to Alter Ego methods.

The first level – basic (elementare/ primario/ élémentaire).  Covers 48 hours.
French language groupAt the first level you will learn how to pronounce words correctly, read, make positive and negative sentences in the present tense. Throughout the course grammar is taught alongside with everyday use vocabulary covering such topics as family (introductions), appearance, clothes, character, working day and leisure, shopping, housing. At the end of the level you will possess active and passive vocabulary of over 1,500 units. You will be able to ask and answer questions, keep up conversations on the learnt material, tell about yourself, fill in your personal data.

The second level – intermediate (intermedio/ intermedio/ intermédiaire). Covers 48 hours. 
French language group, instructor Maryna KovtanyukPronunciation and reading skills acquired at the first level are being consolidated. Written text comprehension skills and communication skills of reproductive character are being formed on the basis of covered material and with interrogative emphasis. Grammar covers the past and future tenses, introduction to pronouns and their use. The following everyday situations are being presented: shopping, restaurant (foods), writing a letter, getting ready for a trip, using different kinds of transportation. As a result, you will improve your knowledge of grammar, enrich your vocabulary, understand unknown written text with the help of a dictionary. At the end of the level your vocabulary will include about 3,000 units.

The third level – medium (medio/ medio/ moyen). Covers 48 hours.
The third level is focused on more complicated grammar topics and a new aspect is being introduced (home reading of abridged texts and articles from magazines and newspapers). Acquired grammar material is being consolidated and communicative skills are being improved through oral speech in situations covering topics of vacations, movies, health, job hunting, getting around, telling about past events; new vocabulary is being presented. At the end of the level you will possess active and passive vocabulary of over 4,000 units. Your skills will be adequate to speak with native speakers, read articles from newspapers and magazines and get necessary information from these sources. Your writing skills will be sufficient for filling up applications and other necessary documents.

Italian language group, instructor Oksana YurchakThe fourth level – advanced (avanzato/progressif/progresivo). Covers 90 hours.
You will be able to speak fluently on various everyday and specialized topics, watch modern  movies and cartoons in a foreign language, express your thoughts in all tenses that exist in Italian, Spanish or French, act adequately in situations like those at a train/bus station, on a train, in a bar or a restaurant, understand a new written text without the help of a dictionary. At the end of the level your vocabulary will contain about 5,000 units.


While studying a foreign language with us, you will learn to read and write correctly, speak on everyday topics, master vocabulary and grammar for communication in a foreign language according to your language proficiency level. Alongside with vocabulary material you will receive a lot of information about the country which is essential in the process of learning a language.

After the end of the courses students receive the certificates in the language they have studied: Italian, Spanish or French