Foreign language for secondary and high school pupils.

At classes for secondary and high school pupils acquired knowledge of foreign language are deepened and corrected starting with the basics of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Classes take place in groups of peers with equal language proficiency level twice a week either on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or weekdays and last for 2 hours. Studies for pupils include 5 levels, from beginner’s to upper intermediate.

1st level  - Beginner
At classes teachers talk to pupils mostly in a foreign language what gives them an opportunity to be in a foreign language environment. Main focus is made on developing conversational and listening skills. Computer programs, the Internet, modern movies and popular songs are being used for this purpose. The course covers grammar material of the present, past and future tenses. Vocabulary contains about 1,000 lexical units on topics Sports, My Leisure, Traveling and Tours, My Everyday Life, Celebrities, My Family, My Home, My School Studies, My Hometown, Animals Need Protecting etc.. Pupils read short stories and abridged articles on covered topics from youth magazines and the Internet what encourages lively discussions. At the end of the level pupils write a final test and present a multimedia project on a topic researched.

2nd level – Elementary
Elementary level is designed for pupils who possess basic knowledge of foreign language or have completed the Beginner’s level at the centre. Existing language skills, namely those of reading, writing, listening and speaking, are being improved. Vocabulary covered during the course is of everyday use character, such as school, home, foods, clothes, shopping etc. alongside with topics of activity, social statuses, jobs and schedules. Grammar exercises aim at consolidating the present, past and future tenses and mastering the Present Continuous and the Present Perfect. Vocabulary covered during the course contains over 1,500 lexical units.

3rd and 4th levels – Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate
Stimulating tasks for communicative competence development and consolidation are being used. Skills of foreign language detailed perception are being developed through listening to commercials, watching popular scientific and feature films. Dialogical speech is presented by interviews and discussions and monological one by creative tasks and presentations. Pupils learn how to write letters, short stories and articles, read unabridged works by famous writers. Intermediate level of foreign language proficiency allows to communicate fluently not only on everyday topics but also on special ones, so pupils get to know different aspects of human activity and learn specialized vocabulary.  Regular testing, arranging presentations, working with computer and creating personal web-pages motivate teenagers to study foreign languages. Certificate obtained at the ASAP centre can also be acknowledged during summer study at London College.

5th level – Upper-Intermediate
instructor Tetyana SurodeykinaPerfect knowledge of foreign language opens up prospects of foreign language communication for pupils in everyday life. They are able to communicate with native speakers, what gives them an opportunity to learn live modern language and its speech styles, and explore a foreign environment and culture through watching modern movies and listening to songs in a foreign language. Pupils can read authentic fiction and press and acquire profound knowledge of grammar. Dialogical speech develops their ability to use the language in various business and social situations. Grammar exercises are used to master foreign language complicated structures and memorize exceptions. Vocabulary is considerably enriched through classical and modern literature and movies.